Ten's Sensualist Art
in Historic Context

Sexuality is a natural essence of bio-existence.
In nature it frequently leads to violent confrontations. One can argue that among animals – and that includes humans—all fights for control of food supplies and territory are about access to propagational opportunity.
Humans have evolved various cultures to control violence , mate selection and mating.. In our culture sex is a normal activity, albeit subject to strict cultural rules. On the other hand violence is not normally acceptable. So, it is ironic that in the arts depiction of sex is frowned upon, while depiction of violence is considered OK. Abstract and realistic representations of human sexual organs date back 20.000 to 30,000 years ago to the Paleolithic. A few examples of cave paintings and sculptural artifacts are shown :

Abstract Female Form from Dolni Vestonice

Vulva Disk from Brno
20-25 KY BP

Vulva Image from the Cave of Tito Bustillo

Vulva Images from Altamira
there is some dispute about this interpretation, but I find it obvious !

Female Form, Ivory, from Dolni Vestonice

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